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Sound Healing for Sound Health

Offering individually tailored sessions and workshops.We believe in the inherent nature of the body's ability to heal itself. Using gongs, singing bowls, and tuning forks to balance the nervous system returns the body to its naturally restful, contemplative state, promoting deep healing for optimal health. Sessions identify tensions, blocked areas, help relieve chronic pain, ease anxiety and depression, and more.




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Women's Empowerment Excursions

At Voicings Adventure Singing Camp, you'll immerse yourself in the powerful healing confluence of nature, singing, yoga, mindfulness, and community. Camps located in CA, CO, NH, GA.

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Veritable Voice Vocal Workshops

Using play, movement, and chanting, singers will reconnect and reestablish their authentic voice, identify areas of physical and/or emotional resistance and be gently guided to sing from the whole body, for a more freeing, open, and revitalized voice.  Workshops are tailored to the individuals in attendance.

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Why Fundamentally Harmonic?

Marybeth has been known for years as a gifted singer, teacher, director, and guide. Through her wisdom, humor, intuitive strength and grounded presence, she is the perfect companion to your healing or adventuring journey.  Marybeth's expertise, versatility, and non-judgemental approach ease you into your own vocal, empowered self.

Sound Healing sessions go deep to one's underlying issues to resolve and release tension, fear, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, restoring homeostasis in a safe, trusted environment.

Women's Empowerment Excursions through Voicings Adventure Singing Camp provide the synergy of nature, singing, hiking, and yoga to reconnect, reclaim, and renew from the inside out.

Veritable Voice Vocal Workshops help singers and speakers release and uncover their unique voice. Marybeth's comprehensive, knowledgeable techniques are designed to assist singers in actualizing their unique vocal character, while providing tools to free one's voice.

Marybeth is trusted, competent, knowledgeable, healing, supportive, and fun!

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